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  • Fix an issue where relative imports with two dots would make imported files not to be found #114;
  • Add support for maxTransactionFee on TokenCreate. Environment variable HEDERAS_DEFAULT_TOKEN_CREATE_TRANSACTION_FEE can be used to adjust the fee for all TokenCreateTransaction's made on a session #126;


  • Supports @hashgraph/sdk@2.17.1
  • Added LiveContract support for deep-nested object params (#73)
  • Added library-linking support (#38)
  • File size chunks have been increased from 1024 to 4096
  • Automating mapping various Hedera Entity Ids (eg. TokenId, AccountId, FileId, etc.) to solidity addresses (#64)
  • @buidlerlabs/rollup-plugin-hashgraph-venin has also been bumped and adjusted to support this release
  • đŸ’Ĩ Bumped HEDERAS_DEFAULT_PAYMENT_FOR_CONTRACT_QUERY from 1000000 to 20000000 to adjust for network price updates




  • Supports @hashgraph/sdk@2.7.0
  • Added support for creating Tokens
  • Added support for creating Accounts
  • Added more config options with sensible defaults to control behavior and expenses
  • Allowed constructors to generate logs
  • Started adding a Controller mechanism for sessions in preparation to support integration with wallets


Initial release